An Engineer's View On Sports Compression Wear


Are you one of the many people who loves sports such as golf, running, cycling, basketball, football? There is one important wear that you should try and that is compression wear.


For years, I have been practicing as a civil engineer with many years of experience on site, consulting and design. On my nature of work, I focus on safety and economic design for any building structure. I design and check the material that is being used and it is often checked further by a sample test. One of the tests that is being conducted is the concrete strength test and this is done by crushing the sample that is taken right out of the concrete truck. With this test, we can further tell if the design strength is truly what we want. There are times that the concrete tests fail and that could lead to demolishing and rebuilding in order to strengthen the structure. The reason I am mentioning this is because strength makes the same principle of sweat belt.


The benefits of compression wears are:


o  Increase in blood flow

o  Reduce lactic acid and other metabolic waste build up

o  Greater muscle oxygenation

o  Reduce the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS

o  Keep muscles working at an optimum temperature

o  Helps keeps the muscles in ideal alignment

o  Draws perspiration away from skin

o  When wearing it while on plane, it helps improves circulation while reducing the effect of DVT

o  State of the art fabric wrap that is knitted to satisfy stringent stretch and recovery standards and is being cut in seamed in a certain way to fully provide comfort. You may read more at

o  Sun protection


Although not all pressure is created equal and same logic with compression wear that is not created the same. There may be a lot of manufacturers that produce compression wears as well as there are also news once that are coming in. This is why it is very important that you choose well and make sure to try them. You also have to remember that compression wears like the knee brace are like choosing the best running shoes, it soon wears out and you will soon need to buy a new one. It is always a rule of thumb that you replace compressions wear once it wears off just like your running shoes that you need to replace it after it reaches the point that it no longer serves its purpose.